About Us

Welcome to WedTech: the first-to-market wedding community uniting brands and startups focused on the technology that drives this 330B industry.

WedTech is led by thought leaders, publishers, developers, rainmakers, startups, futurists, and technologists inside and surrounding ‘wedspace.’

We produced 3 successful Summits in San Francisco and Maui, and predictably, some very lucrative start up opportunities came out of the Maui event which we needed to follow. We heard from many of you that you walked away with new partnerships and contracts. This makes us smile, and this is why we built WedTech.


Today WedTech will exist and grow as an engaged, online community.

We’ll live online and have intimate, periodic meet ups during the year with our community, partners and sponsors.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with practical business advice from experts, trend visionaries, and tactics from wedding influencers — and bring forward the latest apps, hacks, wearables, time saving platforms and much more.

WedTech is a small but mighty market force and we named the space. Join us, contribute and keep us posted on your WedTech happs: your funding, your pivots, and your launches. We want to post them, promote them and exalt you. Thank you for helping build the future wedding market.

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