It is with much excitement that we are announcing the launch of an innovative Wedding Industry platform, Wedspire. The launch takes place on Sunday, October 2, 2016, at The Wheelhouse at LINQ in Las Vegas, a day before the wedding industry conference Wedding MBA, and you are invited!

Currently, in beta testing, Wedspire is an exciting, two-sided, curated marketplace to help couples in the US approach the $100-billion-dollar wedding industry with less stress. Up until now, there has been no easy way to source, vet and purchase items from wedding pros in one location. Wedspire gives personalized Netflix-style vendor recommendations for couples, provides gorgeous inspiration, and allows the couple to shop for wedding needs all in one place.

What does this mean for the Wedding industry? Unlike many wedding planning websites, where certain vendors are replaced by the idea that a website can plan your wedding for you; Wedspire is a platform that facilitates lead generation and communication between you and prospective clients. Even better, a couple can purchase general services from vendors directly through the platform, thus guaranteeing returns for your time and participation on Wedspire.

New wedding technology can be terrifying for those who have been successful in traditional wedding business. With the age of millennials taking over it is now more crucial than ever to have a strong online presence for those clients that want it all at their fingertips.

We have partnered with Wedding Market for this thrilling launch who is featuring Wedspire on September 28th’s #weddingwednesday Wedding Market Live Chat to address the many fears of new wedding technology. Wedding Market will also be live, on-site at our launch event with behind the scenes access and sharing the debut of Wedspire.  They also will be sharing one-on-one interviews with not only the Co-founders of this innovative Wed-Tech, but also local and national industry leaders.

A formal invitation has been sent to your inbox. Please RSVP in the invite or via email response to this letter.

We are thrilled to finally be unveiling this new platform to the world, and would be honored to have you in attendance.

Mark your calendars, we look forward to seeing you soon!



Secret 5-Step Process to Getting Published… A Lot

I know you’re wondering how you’re supposed to run your business and have time to submit your work and get published. That’s why you NEED to read this interview with Sarah Pease and Sarah Glick of Brilliant Event Planning who outline their 5-Step Process for Getting Published again and again, and again.

Brilliant Event Planning has been featured everywhere from Good Morning America to The Wall Street Journal, so you can take it from them that they know what they’re talking about.

Read it now!



Webinar Replay + Book

Did you miss my webinar with AllSeated? No worries! They posted it on YouTube, so you can catch the replay of Get Publicity for Your Wedding Business.

The webinar gives a high-level overview of how to get better at pitching your business to the press. If you’re ready to dive in a little deeper, check out my book Marry the Media on Amazon or on my PR Tools Store ($8.99).

WedTech Summit – the First-­to­‐Market B2B Conference Joining the Wedding + Tech Industries — Comes to Maui

WedTech Summit Highlights the Breaking Apps, Platforms, Brands and Innovations Driving the 330B Wedding Industry at the Royal Lahaina Resort, Maui, Hawaii 2.22-­2.23.16

SAN FRANCISCO, CA • February 9, 2016

WedTech Summit is the first wedding conference to look behind the veil, cupcakes, and champagne bubbles to reveal a goldmine of killer apps, platforms and wearables — and showcase what drives this 330B global market. WedTech seeks to serve as a blueprint for the future of wedding conferences — all focused on the digitally engaged millennial couple.

Carolyn Gerin, Co-­‐Founder, WedTech states:

From banks and brands, to VC’s I keep getting the same question: ‘the wedding industry is recession-­‐proof

— why didn’t WedTech happen earlier?’ We believe that when most people look at the wedding space they see a big ball of interconnected wire. We see it clearly: 25 or more individual market verticals around which social storytelling, monetization, and innovation can take place. Wedtech developers are addressing these verticals, solving simple problems, and saving people time and money. We planted our flag, and the apps, platforms and thought leaders that drive wedtech are coming to us because now have somewhere to go. These developers are focusing on the digitally engaged millennial couple who do everything ‘in app.’

WedTech Summit loves Maui for our 3rd conference because the entire economy is built around wedding,

romance travel, and hospitality. Plus, the Maui Mayors’ Office of Economic Development, Royal Lahaina Resort, and the High Technology Development Corporation backed us from the start — with Aloha spirit.

What/Why: WedTech Summit (WTS) Maui is the conference that joins the wedding/hospitality industry with hot upcoming Silicon Valley tech startups and brands.

Where: Royal Lahaina Resort on Feb 22 – 23, 2016, network, explore, and learn the trends driving the future of the Wedding Industry.

Who Will Attend: Over 350 wedding professionals, hospitality companies, wedpros, tech startups, app and platform founders, brands, investors, and businesses will convene in the wedding paradise of the Pacific.

Why Attend:

  • Two days of action packed panels, hands on workshops, and networking at the stunning Royal Lahaina Resort

  • Inspir-­‐action! Trends, workshops on tricks and tools to run your business better, and power networking with future partners and media.

  • Sponsors and Partners — Notable attending brands/startups for partnerships include: Virgin America, Wedding

    Reality, Aisle Planner, Menguin Tux, HoneyBook, AllSeated, Fleetwoods on Front, Tint and more.

    Notable Keynotes:

  • Rachel Hollis – Founder of Chic Media founder of the popular lifestyle blog and Los Angeles-­‐based event-­‐planning firm, Chic Events producing for Hollywood’s elite: including Bradley Cooper, Rashida Jones, Al Gore, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ivanka Trump, Jamie King, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

  • Ian McFarland – Founder of Neo Innovation involved from the early days of Agile development and early practitioner of Lean Startup, collaborator with Eric Ries, and one of the founders of the Lean UX and Balanced Team movements. Ian is Founder & Chairman of Neo Innovation.

  • Harmony Walton – Founder of The Bridal Bar Harmony Walton, the founder of The Bridal Bar, host of Bridal Bar Radio, and brand representation in the luxury wedding industry. The Bridal Bar has been featured in 100+ media outlets, including The Associated Press, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Entertainment Tonight, Town and Country Weddings, People Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Us Weekly.

  • See the Full Agenda & Announced Speakers

    Highlights: Win a Wedding in the #WillYouMauiMe Campaign courtesy of WedTech Summit and Virgin America

    Says Elisa Camahort Page, Co-­‐Founder BlogHer/Sr. VP of Community Content and Events SheKnows Media:

    I am an advisor to San Francisco’s WedTech Summit, the baby of two highly profitable parents: ‘Wedding’ and ‘Technology.’ Co-­‐Founder Carolyn Gerin sees the platform and conference as the first-­‐to-­‐market, deal-­‐ making environment for building the connections to reach digitally engaged wedding consumers and companies. “As the top online lifestyle network, SheKnows Media has an interest at being anywhere that sits at the intersection of technology, the Internet, and women’s lives, making WedTech an excellent and relevant event partner for us. — Huffington Post

    Says Randi Zuckerberg, Dot Complicated:

    • Millennials want to take their needs online. Weddings need to adapt to that. @wedtechsummit

      —Weddings are a traditional industry and is one of the last industries to meld tech into it


    • We’re Ground Zero for same-­‐sex marriage. It’s going to open the wedtech marketplace in a huge way

@wedtechsummit —Twitter Posts

Says Andre Bourque, Editor Emeritus, Technorati:

Today’s digitally engaged couple lives on their mobile devices, and social media. They care about what’s trending, what their friends think, and they want an app to handle the brutality of planning, vetting, and choosing anything and everything around a wedding. They’d hire a robot if they could. Pretty soon, they’ll be able to. — Huffington Post

# # #

About WedTech Summit

WedTech Summit conferences + community highlights the breaking apps, platforms, brands and Innovations driving the 330B wedding industry. WedTech provides the access point to the wed-­‐market by uniting innovative wed pros, brands, influencers, platforms, founders, media, technologies and startups pivoting the space — all in a deal making environment — focused on the digitally engaged couple. Royal Lahaina Resort.

TEAM Carolyn Gerin: Co-­‐Founder, Michael Cole: Co-­‐Founder, Scott Johnson: Partner-­‐Hawaii Team, Sean Michael Hower: Partner-­‐Hawaii Team, Tambara Garrick: Maui Wedding Association and Hawaii Team, Kay Raymond, Partner-­‐VP Biz Wed.

WedTech Summit is located in Maui, Hawaii with the founding team in San Francisco, CA

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Carolyn Gerin 415.570.3879